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Babillard électronique (mai 2019)

  • Recueils et livres des cours
  • Accès à la bibliothèque de l'Institut de pastorale des Dominicains
  • Collation des grades de l'Université Laval
  • Bourse de dépannage de l'Université Laval pour les étudiants de 1er et 2e cycle

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Informations académiques (mai 2019)

  • Abandon des cours
  • Événement : présentation des programmes de 2e cycle
  • Horaire session automne

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Colloque : Interculturalité et théologie pastorale

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Conférence le 13 avril : Mieux comprendre la mentalité musulmane

Le district St-Laurent de l'Alliance Chrétienne et Missionnaire présente, le 13 avril 2019, un atelier dirigé par un ouvrier international
servant la Péninsule arabe depuis 2001. 

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For Our English-Speaking Students

Greetings to all our English-speaking students who since September 2018 have courageously launched their Biblical and Theological studies in our midst.  Your presence is an enrichment to the ETEQ community. We love to hear from you in class and to interact with you in the hallways or to pray with you in the prayer salon. Thanks for daring to grow in your own French language skills and for helping so many Francophone students gain confidence in their English language skills and thereby open themselves so much more to the amazing world of Evangelical studies.  As you meander through the info below, notice especially our 2019 GRADUATION on April 27, 13h30.  We would love to have you here with us to represent our new English student body and, why not, even your congregation.  Our next English courses will be in September.  One class will be taught by Pastor David Manafo from Westside Gathering: Stepping into Church service and leadership. The ETEQ team is always ready to serve you in English… even if we are still learning to do that well!  Thanks for building with us and the Lord Jesus.