Course index

ETEQ’s courses are Université Laval (UL) courses. In order to insure clear communication within our Protestant Evangelical context, it may happen that we use a ''house title'' for a course. However, all you need to do is to click on the ETEQ ''house title'' to discover the official UL course title tied to the course number. Also, when communicating the course number and course title to other institutions, always use the official UL course title.

Course #CreditsCourse's Title
CAT-2301 3 Synthesis of the Christian Faith: Pulling it Together
Equivalent to: Synthèse de la foi chrétienne évangélique
HST-1904 3 Looking back to move forward- Christianity between the Apostles and the Reformers
Equivalent to: Le christianisme de la période post apostolique à la pré-Réforme
PST-1002 3 Stepping into Church service and leadership
Equivalent to: Introduction à l'intervention pastorale : service et leadership
PST-1030e 3 Practicuum in pastoral ministry
Equivalent to: Stage d'initiation au ministère pastoral
PST-2108 3 Christian Counseling and the Search for Meaning
Equivalent to: Relation d’aide et quête de sens
PST-3100e 3 Practicuum in intercultural mission
Equivalent to: Observation pastorale en mission interculturelle (stage)
THL-1000e 3 Discovering the World of Theological Studies
Equivalent to: Introduction aux études théologiques
THL-1004e 3 The Bible and the Evangelical Tradition: How we got the Bible and what we (should) do with it
Equivalent to: L'univers de la Bible et son histoire
THL-1008 3 Getting it right: Interpreting Holy Scripture
Equivalent to: Révélation et théologie : interprétation de la Bible
THL-1009 3 Introduction to Christian Spirituality
Equivalent to: Spiritualité chrétienne évangélique
THL-1238 3 The Writings and Times of the New Testament
Equivalent to: Lecture et introduction : Nouveau Testament
THL-2011 3 The Church: Continents, Cultures and Challenges
Equivalent to: L’Église à travers le monde
THL-2013 2 Evangelical Perspectives: Getting to know one’s own Church Tradition
Equivalent to: Perspectives ecclésiales évangéliques
THL-2100e 3 Missions lived out in the Quebec context
Equivalent to: Bible et mission en contexte québécois
THL-2103e 3 Healthy Church-Planting and Development
Equivalent to: Santé, développement et implantation d'Églises
THL-2232 3 Biblical and practical theology of worship
Equivalent to: Bible et liturgie : culte évangélique
THL-2404e 1 Individual Study Project
Equivalent to: Projet d'intégration (en études bibliques)