ETEQ application fee (online): free

Université Laval application fee (online): $84

Change of program (UL): $20

Tuition fees per 3 credits: UL (approximately) $320 or ETEQ $395

Tuition fees (ETEQ) for audit: $160

ETEQ support and mission fee per 3 credits (undergraduate): $21

Books and class material in addition (varies per course)

The annual Célébration des finissants (ETEQ graduation): $35

Quebec government loans and bursaries

All students registered full-time (typically 4 courses or more) with Université Laval are eligible for Quebec student loans and bursaries.

Useful websites:

Éducation et Enseignement supérieur
Bursaries and financial assistance UL
Bursaries and loans - to qualify