Grace and Peace by Kristen Corrigan, M.A.

As 2019 begins we are encouraged to see that our enrolment is strong once again, having met our goal for yet another semester. And, after the first six months of our fiscal year, we have broken even financially! Praise God through whom all blessings flow. This year promises to be filled with hope, vision and change.

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A Word from our Board Chair, Jean Raymond Théorêt, Ph.D.

The Board of Directors of ETEQ is pleased to announce that Dr. John (Jean) Martin, PhD, has been appointed Interim President effective July 1st, 2019.

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Huge Blessings and Huge Challenges!

I am often asked to be specific with prayer requests, so this time I am going to go a little deeper with what I share with you.

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A word from our Academic Dean

What a calling we have received from Jesus!  To LIGHT UP the world in such a way that our communities are informed of our deeds,

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The Next Chapter... by Kristen Corrigan, President

By now you have likely heard that a new chapter is about to be written in the life of ETEQ and for myself with my husband Garry. 

The recent announcement from the Board of ETEQ outlines the highlights, so I would like to take this opportunity to share how excited I am about where God will take us all in the next year and on into the future. 

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A Word from our Board Chair, Jean-Raymond Théorêt

The Board of École de théologie évangélique du Québec (ETEQ) is sad to announce that Kristen Corrigan has resigned her role as President of ETEQ, effective July 1, 2019. After 10 years serving in Quebec, she and Garry feel called to return to BC next year where she plans to continue, in a new, albeit smaller role for ETEQ and spend time with grandchildren and their large extended family. 

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Congratulations to our graduates

To meet each one of them and learn about their journey, click on "read more"

Minor in Pastoral Studies-UL (30 credits)

Joel Marchand
Emmanuel Orozco-Rubio
Orilson Désulmé
Hélène Lapointe
Merline Numa Rosalva

Bachelor's degree-UL (90 credits)

Myleen Bravo Olguin
Malekesa Oboo
Nicolas Morin

Master of Arts - theologie-UL (45 credits)

Christian Kelly Andriamitantsoa
Danielle Lajeunesse
Jean-Daniel Veer

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A Word from our Academic Dean - Jean Martin, Ph.D.

Recently, someone asked me what I was the most proud of having contributed to theological education since 1983 (please do not try to calculate my age!).  The question caught me off guard but also inspired me to take a closer look at what and how, and especially why, I still do what I do, here in my native Quebec. I will not attempt to answer the question here, but rather simply point you to lives that have been changed, passions that have been nourished, calls that have been confirmed and minds that have been enlightened and sharpened. For ETEQ, it is all about providing the opportunity to Jesus followers in Quebec to be well-equipped in their own language (en français) and to be able to say «yes» to the God who invites them to lead and serve the Church here. Right along with an evangelical theological education in French, is the importance of educational excellence.

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The Gift of Our Annual Retreat - Annual Retreat Highlights by Kristen Corrigan, M.A.

Our prayer retreat, held on February 11, 2018, fills my heart with peace. We were part of a community event that brought together students, fellow professors and their spouses. The quality time spent together allowed us to break away from work concerns, studies and activities. The day was led by our two chaplains, Barry Whatley and Ruth Labeth.

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Partnership - A Word From the Academic Dean by Jean Martin, Ph.D.

One of ETEQ’s major values is partnership. We work with other organizations that seek to further Kingdom practices within the French-speaking world, beginning with Quebec. We seek to express the eternal truth that God is at work both in us as well as around us and that He is honoured when we recognize and join in on what He is carrying out in this world. At times, ETEQ is the initiator and visible leader in a work God has prepared (Ephesians 2:10), other times we are giving a helping hand to others serving God’s purposes. We are His work, not our own, and that implies that we do not set our own boundaries. We are never owners, but always thankful servants in a great and eternal adventure led by Christ. 

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