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Join the Campaign to Expand Theological Education in Quebec and the French-Speaking World

We are excited to announce the launch of a campaign to recruit new donors and churches to support ETEQ's mission over the next decade (2023-2033). ETEQ is a school founded by evangelical church families whose mission is to provide university-level theological education to equip men and women to serve Christ in Quebec and the world.

By joining this campaign, you will contribute to:

  • Providing undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate programs in theological education that are mindful of the needs of local churches and accessible to the French-speaking world.
  • Creating resources relevant to the needs of students and the evangelical community in Montreal and Quebec.
  • Offering a diverse and flexible range of learning and teaching modes for everyone in the Church.
  • Growing the diversity and quality of our administrative and academic services to support and welcome our students.

To achieve our goal, we are praying for 100 new donors and 100 new churches, each contributing $100 a month.

We acknowledge that these are difficult and uncertain economic times for some of us. That is why this campaign is intended to be significant in terms of the impact it will have, but modest in terms of individual participation. We believe that $100 a month is a realistic contribution, and one that will have an undeniable impact on our school.

We invite you to join us in spreading the word about this campaign and ETEQ's mission. We would appreciate your help in promoting this 100 campaign in your church. Inviting new donors in 2023 to invest in theological education is a major challenge, as is the sustainability of evangelical theological education institutions. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on theological education in Quebec and the French-speaking world.