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Channel for my Training by Abdias Adam, B. Th.

Originally from Benin, I grew up in a charismatic Christian environment. Having lived most of my life in other countries such as Mali and Cameroon, I've always learned to fit in where I am. With a mother who planted a church in Cameroon and a father who was a deacon, my life has been very much centered on the Christian faith and studying the Bible. I decided to respond to the Lord's call on my life. I found myself sent by the Lord to Canada to be equipped and to serve Him. ETEQ was the main channel for my training with a wide range of courses, each as interesting as the other, and teachers who were also involved in their local churches. I found myself in a relational environment of learning and communion with God. ETEQ is a source of great blessings.

As I completed my bachelor's degree in theology, my final research focused on Jesus in the Quran and provided me with apologetic tools to engage with Muslims. ETEQ has shed an enormous of light on my understanding of Scriptures. I was blessed personally, and also in my ministry, because of the help and support of the Saint Laurent MB Church (in Montreal) who decided to take me under their wing.