Count Me in As a Partner

A world where all of Quebec has heard the Good News of Jesus-Christ and where His Church is powerfully living out the reality of that message. A Quebec Church where Francophones, Anglophones and allophones are together contributing to the global mission of a Gospel that saves and transforms lives and communities. That is what your gift to ETEQ is making possible!

An official receipt for tax purposes is sent to you at the end of February for the total of your donations during the preceding year.

Here are the 4 best ways to give to ETEQ:

1) By Interac e-transfer

Go online into your bank account. Find the option INTERAC E-TRANSFERS. Add «ETEQ» as one of your RECIPIENTS and indicate our email as Indicate the amount of your donation and in the space MESSAGE write «donation to ETEQ». Indicate your own e-mail address and create your own security question and security RESPONSE (a single word). Then send your gift transfer. Then write to us at to let us know what is the answer to your security question and your complete mailing address if we do not have it (new donors). You will receive a confirmation from your bank that we have received your transfer. Later, ETEQ will send you a word of appreciation. This way of giving to ETEQ is fast, easy and without cost to ETEQ nor typically to the donor (but do check with your bank).

2) By cheque

Make your cheque out to « ETEQ » and mail it to 4824, Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges, bureau 301, Montréal (QC) H3V 1G4. Consider saving on time and stamps by sending postdated cheques.

3) By Internet (online)

Go to and find «ETEQ». As soon as your gift is made, CanadaHelps will send your tax receipt to your e-mail address. ETEQ will not be receipting you. You can even programme automatic monthly gifts. Just remember that if you are making a large donation, the service fees deducted by CanadaHelps are 3,5% to 4,0%. So not all of your gift gets to ETEQ.

4) By phone (with a credit card)

Phone us during office hours at 1 (514) 331-0878 and have your credit card in hand. If you are greeted by our voice mail, we will phone you back. You can make a single donation or you can authorize ETEQ to draw a monthly donation from your credit card.

Your generosity fills our hearts with thanksgiving!

Do you have any questions?
Phone us at 1 (514) 331-0878 or write to us at We will be glad to help you ... help us!

Every donor receives our general newsletter (3 times a year) as well as our special letter to donors (3 times a year) containing more «inside» information about our school, students and team.

If you are not a donor, we would love to send you our general newsletter. Just let us know here. We very much need you to pray for us to simply encourage our team through your words.