Administrative Staff

Jean Martin

Jean (John) Martin, Ph. D. (théologie)


Jean-Christophe Bieselaar

Jean-Christophe Bieselaar, Ph. D. (théologie)

Director for Graduate Studies

Ruth Labeth

Ruth Labeth, Doctorat en théologie

Director for Undergraduate Studies
Director of Library Services


David Miller, Ph. D. (théologie)

Director, Centre for Studies in Service, Peace and Reconciliation

Richard Lougheed

Richard Lougheed, Ph. D. (théologie)

Research and writing consultant


Barry Whatley, Doctor of Ministry


Gisandre Renois

Gisandre Renois, M.A. (intervention sociale et toxicomanie)

Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs

Véronique Beaudin

Véronique Beaudin, B. Th.

Student Advisor - Admissions & Registration

Esdrac Germain

Esdrac Germain, B.A. (gestion des affaires)

Accounting Manager

Priscilla Roy

Priscilla Roy, B.A. (communication marketing)

Graphic Designer and communications assistant

Claire Lachance

Claire Lachance

Logistics coordinator - Quebec City

Isaac Cherng

Isaac Cherng, B. Eng.

Computer and Information Systems Manager