THL-2232: Biblical and Practical Theology of Worship (3 crédits)

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Titre UL: Bible and Liturgy

What is worship? Does God care how we worship? How do we evaluate worship services in a diverse and multi-cultural twenty-first century context? This course offers biblical and theological foundations for the development of worship throughout history with appropriate attention given to cultural context and contemporary issues. Topics presented include: Jewish influence on Christian worship; the importance of the Word; the centrality of the person and work of Christ; the heart and the mind of the worship leader; structure versus spontaneity; the effectiveness of music, drama and other artistic languages; the implications of cultural differences for worship; the use of technology. Through readings, discussions, presentations and worship practicum, students will be encouraged to become creative leaders to conduct worship which is both spiritual and relevant to culture. By the end of the course, they should be better prepared to engage in a biblically-based and theologically sound worship ministry.

Your Lecturer (Montreal)


Ruth Labeth, Doctorat en théologie

Professor in Practical Theology and Biblical Languages

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