THL-2115: Bible and Mission in the Quebec Context (3 crédits)

Equivalent to: Bible et mission en contexte québécois

Titre UL: Bible and Ministry

The course pertains to the overall use of the Bible within the mission of the Church. A reminder of the fundamental nature of the Bible and its rules of interpretation. The biblical discourse of the Bible concerning ministry is examined. A consideration of the centrality and usefulness of the Bible in faith-inspired activities. A critical look at how the Bible is sometimes used in ministry contexts. Various manners and attitudes by which the Bible is received : fundamentalism, fideism, scientific scepticism. Presentation of a practical ministry project. Exploration of the field of biblical pastoral ministry : recent history, main organizations, emerging projects and future prospects.

N.B.: THL-2115 or THL-2014

Next session(s) - Montreal: Summer 2021

Your Lecturer (Montreal)

Barry Whatley

Barry Whatley (Doctor of Ministry)

Lecturer in Spirituality and Missiology

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