THL-2014: The Church: Continents, Cultures and Challenges (3 crédits)

Equivalent to: L’Église à travers le monde

Titre UL: The Church

This course explores the rich fabric of the global evangelical Church, which numbers more than 600 million faithful.  The amazing diversity of the Church bears witness to how the Church has found its home in such a wide variety of contexts. Since its very beginning, the Church has moved beyond barriers of culture and language, and it continues to do so today.  But this is a challenge!  How does the global Church handle the complex question of culture and faith?  How can it remain faithful to the Gospel and still adapt to a changing and complex world?  These questions are explored with the help of some theological and missiological reflection.  

As we “travel” the world through this course, a variety of experiences await us.  Our reading will help us appreciate the history of the growth of the Church around the world.  Lectures and video presentations highlight some unique perspectives that challenge us to think about the Church in new ways.  Visiting presenters (from Africa, Asia, and South America) give us an “insider” view of the challenges and unique contributions the global Church makes to the rich diversity of the body of Christ.  We will “visit” regions of the world where the Gospel has made great inroads (Latin America and Africa), as well as those corners of the world where the Church faces great challenges to grow and thrive (the Muslim world and parts of Asia).  Our ultimate objective is to learn from and be inspired by the global Church.

N.B.: THL-2014 or THL-2115

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Barry Whatley

Barry Whatley, D. Min.

Lecturer in Spirituality and Missiology

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