THL-1009: Introduction to Christian Spirituality (3 crédits)

Equivalent to: Spiritualités chrétiennes évangéliques

Titre UL: Christian spiritualities

For two thousand years, Christians, empowered and moved by the Holy Spirit, have been praying and responding to God revealed in Jesus Christ. This course is an introduction and invitation to the Christian spiritual life as expressed by the Church from its early beginnings until today. The content of this course finds its roots in Scripture and includes an examination of the human response to Christ, as empowered by the Spirit, under the limited conditions of our humanity. Through a combination of experiential and theoretical approaches, including a two-day formative retreat, the student will be encouraged to learn and engage with the ways in which Christians who have come before have “lived in the Spirit” and thereby assess and deepen his/her own spiritual journey. The study of Christian spirituality in this course is thematic and gives the student an opportunity to not only become familiar with the map of Christian spirituality but also to be exposed to resources, models and guidelines that will help the student engage today’s culture with regards to spirituality.This will help students enrich their own understanding and experience of evangelical spirituality, seeing it in the context of both Scripture and the Church at large.

Mandatory course reading:

Your Lecturer (Montreal)

Barry Whatley

Barry Whatley, D. Min.

Lecturer in Spirituality and Missiology

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