PST-2108: Christian Counseling and the Search for Meaning (3 crédits)

Equivalent to: Relation d’aide et quête de sens

Titre UL: Counseling and the Search for Meaning

This course offers an overview of contemporary theories in Christian counseling as compared to secular models. This course will offer an investigation of major paradigms currently used in the helping professions with an emphasis on integrative approaches to counseling from a Christian perspective. Every theory or method of people-helping carries with it a system of beliefs, a way of seeing or understanding people for who they are, why they experience what they do and most importantly how they can change.

This course will be an intellectual challenge that requires a sound grounding in the biblical view of mankind as well as counseling principles. The underlying assumptions of each theory must carefully- investigate and appropriately applied to begin to understand modern Christian counseling.

As a result of this educational journey the student may be personally equipped and transformed to become a critical thinker and compassionate helper of people in need of emotional healing.

Mandatory course reading: