HST-1904: Christianity from the Apostolic Age to the Pre-Reformation (3 crédits)

Equivalent to: Le christianisme de la période post apostolique à la pré-Réforme

Titre UL: Christianity from Antiquity to the High Middle Ages

This course examines the birth and development of the Christian Church from its genesis through to the fifteenth century. Studying this time period will provide students with a comprehensive look at Church history and the complexities related to worship, doctrine, and ecclesial polity including important turning points within the grand narrative of Christianity. In addition, this course highlights key individuals who emerged as formative voices prompting change and conflict. Engagement with primary and secondary texts will help students understand the development of historical issues and theological challenges within their original context. Lastly, this period in Church history will offer important insights related to theology, worship, spirituality, Scriptural interpretation and social engagement that will guide and equip students for today’s changing world.