Admission to Undergraduate Studies

You will find the ETEQ Application Form in PDF format by clicking here. Once you have downloaded it, please fill it in (with Adobe Acrobat Reader) and send it to You may also fill in a printed form and mail it to the address indicated on the Application form. You may apply at any time. You are free to start classes in September, January or May.

1) At the top of page 2, you will be asked to choose between two options:

  • Apply for admission as a regular student at ETEQ and you will be coached by our professors
  • Apply for admission as a visiting student if you have been admitted to another college or university and you wish to take only a few courses at ETEQ.

2) Make sure that you have the following educational prerequisites:

A college diploma (D.E.C) or the equivalent.  If you do not have a college diploma, you may be eligible for the Introduction to Theological studies Microprogramme, intended for students that have not attended CEGEP.

To be eligible, you must:

  • be at least 21 years old;
  • have a high school diploma (D.E.S.) or the equivalent and
  • have left school more than two years ago

Or have already attended university in Quebec.

3) To complete point 5 on the form, please note that the only programme which offers the possibility of doing 100% of courses in English is the Certificat en études pastorales (Minor in Pastoral Studies). For the other undergraduate programmes, a student does about 50% of his/her courses in French.

If you need advice, please call us, at 514-331-0878 ext. 1062 and speak to Véronique Beaudin, our admissions counsellor.

Once you have been admitted to ETEQ, our staff will assist you in making an application to Laval University. Most of our students have the privilege of becoming students of UL.