Minor in Pastoral Studies - 30 credits (2020-2021)

An initiation to Evangelical Studies by way of an incursion into Scripture, theology, missiology and pastoral practices. The student acquires conceptual tools as well as basic skills necessary to interact with and serve both Church and society.

The Minor in Pastoral Studies leads to a Université Laval diploma or can be the first year of a Bachelor of Theology at ETEQ-UL or in any other Theological school. A student can take all courses in English or include any number of the equivalent courses given in French. 

L'ETEQ offre des cours de la FTSR-UL. Pour fins de communication et en raison du contexte protestant évangélique, nous utilisons parfois un titre maison ETEQ. Il suffit de cliquer sur ce dernier pour trouver le titre officiel de la FTSR-UL.

21 compulsory credits

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9 elective credits among the following