THL-2011: The Church: Continents, Cultures and Challenges (3 crédits)

Equivalent to: L’Église à travers le monde

Titre UL: The Church

The course provides an overview of the global Evangelical Church, a massive, diverse movement of some 600 million believers. This great diversity is rooted in the Bible where, from the beginning, the Church adapted to cultural realities of the Roman empire. This capacity to adjust to the cultural realities of new converts has remained central to the Church through the centuries. However, this tension between Faith and culture carries with it numerous challenges and controversies, which, if not “navigated” carefully, can threaten the health and growth of the Church. Everywhere in the world today the Church needs the compass of Scripture, theology, and missiology to rise to these challenges.  Readings, discussions and special conference speakers will bring us on a «world tour» into lesser-known corners and cultures of the planet. Our goal is to put into focus expressions and experiences of the Christian Faith, both individually and in community, that make up the vast panoply of cultures where Evangelical Faith has taken root in our day.  We will make stops in each of four major regions: Latin America, Asia, the Muslim world and Africa. 

Next session(s) - Montreal: Winter 2020

Mandatory reading:

Your Lecturer (Montreal)

Barry Whatley

Barry Whatley (Doctor of Ministry)

Lecturer in Spirituality and Missiology

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